TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL

Proven, Everyday Excellence

The TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL is engineered for a higher standard of optical excellence, so you can leave each patient with the sharp, high-quality vision they deserve.

High Quality Design

The TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL offers the high-quality lens design, materials and optics that can be expected from Johnson & Johnson Vision intraocular lenses.

  • Hydrophobic material is not associated with glistening
  • Reduces the residual spherical aberration to essentially zero
  • ProTEC360° edge design helps limit LEC migration
  • Higher Abbe number compared to competing acrylic IOLs
  • Reduces the transmission of UV light while still allowing blue light, which has proven to be essential for maintaining optimal scotopic vision

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