Oil-Test Centrifuge „OLEUM“

The Oil-Test Centrifuge „OLEUM“ from HERMLE
has a four place swing out rotor which
accomodates cushions for oil test tubes according
to ASTM: Conical or Pearshaped form!
This purpose made unit has a normal air cooling
without a heating or refrigeration system.
Simple one-handed operation
Easy to program with gloves on
Splash-proof foil keyboard
Permanent indication of pre-set and actual values
Selection of speed in both rpm and g-force,
10 acceleration and deceleration rates, possibility
of unbraked deceleration
Pre-selection of the running time,
from 10 s to 99 h 59 min or continuous
Storage of up to 99 runs
Quick-key for short runs
Microprocessor with large LCD display
Motor driven lid lock
Active imbalance identification and cut-off
Manufactured in accordance to international
Safety Regulations, i.e. IEC 61010
Audio signal after stop
Noise level < 55 dBA, at max. speed
max. Speed: 3,000 rpm
max. RCF: 2,213 xg
max. Volume: 4 x 100 ml
Speed range: 200 – 3,000 rpm
Running time: 99 h 59 min
in 1 min / 10 s increments
Technical Data
Maintenance-free induction motor
Order No.:
221.40 V20
Swing out rotor 4 x 100 ml
for oil test tubes according to ASTM
Angle: 0-90°
Dimensions :
Weight: 72 kg