No Fear Of Blepharitis Again in Egypt

Out of its great interest in offering the Egyptian patient latest and unique options, Ultra Vision launched Blefaritto for blepharitis in a major event in the presence of a group of ophthalmologists in Egypt at Tolip El Galala Hotel, and where there are no products in the Egyptian market to treat this disease till now, Ultra Vision partnered with ¬†Jeomed, a company specialized in eye contour care products (eye contour includes eye lids, lashes and brows). Ultra Vision is the exclusive agent for Blefaritto in Egypt.¬† Blefaritto has been highly praised by the ophthalmologists in Egypt because it contains a number of active ingredients that treat different types of blepharitis, in addition to the absence of any similar products in the Egyptian market. This is the secret of the Ultra Vision‘s distinction that puts the patient’s interest first.