Egy Health Exhibition Sept. 2021

After the medical events stopped and the distance between us due to the Corona pandemic, we returned to meet our valued customers, the Egy Health exhibition was the best event to meet them. We met with hundreds of visitors working and interested in medical laboratories, we were pleased to communicate with our customers and interact […]

No Fear Of Blepharitis Again in Egypt

Out of its great interest in offering the Egyptian patient latest and unique options, Ultra Vision launched Blefaritto for blepharitis in a major event in the presence of a group of ophthalmologists in Egypt at Tolip El Galala Hotel, and where there are no products in the Egyptian market to treat this disease till now, […]

Launching Revolutionary Eyhance Monofocal IOL

We are thrilled to be back in person at a large-scale meeting with our ophthalmology community for the first time since 2019.During the launch meeting of the game changer Eyhance IOL from Johnson & Johnson .Eyhance is a revolutionary Monofocal IOL that plays beyond mono focality and enhance the intermediate vision.

Ultra Vision Board of management message during this challenging time

Dear Our valuable business partner  , Our thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times .Now more than ever We can all appreciate how small the world truly is , and the importance of coming together to Protect our global community in times of great need . It’s hard to navigate the […]


as Ultra Vision believes that Training is a great tool to develop the skills of the employees toward long-term goals and promotes fulfilling jobs eventually , also It helps them to work effectively so as to run the business even better , also the training gives Ultra Vision’s Employees an edge in this highly competitive […]


In the business world, it’s often a team that creates a successful outcome, even if just one person’s name is on the project. Ultra Vision celebrated 2019 achievements with Ultra Vision’s teams


Attending conferences, especially the international ones, gives you the chance to listen to different points of view and learn new ideas and trends in your field. They also provide you with new techniques, new types of equipment, data that is yet to be published, and investigators that you may not have heard of. Conferences are […]