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Z 36 HK

The Z 36 HK is the culmination of many years of centrifuge design experience combined with the latest technology.   Featuring speeds up to 30000 rpm (65395 xg) with ten available rotor options, the Z 36 HK is the most capable centrifuge in its class. max. Speed: 30000 rpm max. RCF: 65395 xg max. Volume:

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Z 32 HK

With a wide range of accessories, the Z 32 HK high speed centrifuge is applicable in a wide variety of research settings.   In spite of remarkably small footprint, the Z 32 HK features a powerful refrigeration system capable of maintaining cool sample temperatures even at maximum speed.   max. Speed: 20000 rpm max. RCF:

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Z 207 A

The compact centrifuge Z 207 A is ideal for medical practices and laboratories with a small number of samples. It comes with an angle rotor, which can load up to 8 x 15 ml tubes and reaches a max. speed of 6,800 rpm and accordingly 4,445 x g max. Speed: 6800 rpm • max. RCF:

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Z 207 H

Due to its compact design, the Hematocrit Centrifuge Z 207 H is even in the smallest laboratory applicable. It is used for quick and easy determination of the erythrocyte content in the blood (hematocrit level). In a very short time, up the 24 capillary tubes can be accelerated to       16,058 xg. max. Speed: 13,000 rpm

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Z 206 A

The Z 206 A accepts up to 12 x15 ml conical and round button tubes. For tubes with smaller dimensions we offer several adapters. For larger volumes we offer an angle rotor fo 6 x 50 ml conical and round buttom tubes.   max. Speed: 6000 rpm max. RCF: 4427 xg max. Volume: 6 x

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