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167 M

The powerful and compact model Z 167 M is a replacement for our previous model Z 160 M. A brushless, maintenance free motor provides extremely fast acceleration and deceleration of the 18 place rotor. This Micro Centrifuge is supplied with the 18 place rotor for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. max. Speed: 14,000 rpm max. RCF: 15,994

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ZK 496

Its huge volume of charge allows a large number of samples to be centrifuged, up to 4 x 1000 ml. The field of application of the ZK 496 ranges from clinical applications through research to industrial applications, but also in blood banks, where blood bags are used.   In additional to the multifunctional swing out

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Z 446 K

These high-volume centrifuges Z 446 and Z 446 K achieve a throughput of 68 x 15 ml conical tubes or 28 x 50 ml conical tubes at a max.RCF of 3434/4346 xg. If higher speeds are required, we also offer e.g. an angle rotor with a max. RCF of 14532/16022 xg for 10 x 50

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Z 36 HK

The Z 36 HK is the culmination of many years of centrifuge design experience combined with the latest technology.   Featuring speeds up to 30000 rpm (65395 xg) with ten available rotor options, the Z 36 HK is the most capable centrifuge in its class. max. Speed: 30000 rpm max. RCF: 65395 xg max. Volume:

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Z 32 HK

With a wide range of accessories, the Z 32 HK high speed centrifuge is applicable in a wide variety of research settings.   In spite of remarkably small footprint, the Z 32 HK features a powerful refrigeration system capable of maintaining cool sample temperatures even at maximum speed.   max. Speed: 20000 rpm max. RCF:

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Z 207 A

The compact centrifuge Z 207 A is ideal for medical practices and laboratories with a small number of samples. It comes with an angle rotor, which can load up to 8 x 15 ml tubes and reaches a max. speed of 6,800 rpm and accordingly 4,445 x g max. Speed: 6800 rpm • max. RCF:

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