TECNIS® Monofocal 3-Piece IOL

The Tecnis IOL is the first and only IOL with a patented wavefront-designed optic for more youthful vision The wavefront design provides safer, sharper vision by targeting zero residual spherical aberration Clinical study data submitted to the FDA demonstrates that the Tecnis IOL reduced spherical aberration to essentially zero The Tecnis lens can improve contrast […]

SENSAR® Monofocal 3-Piece IOL

The Sensar AR40 IOL is the clearest hydrophobic acrylic choice, including the clearest vacuole-free material of all foldable IOLs tested. Its stable, 3-piece architecture is designed for long-term centration and refractive stability. With its patented OptiEdge technology, the sensar IOL reduces glare and its square posterior edge provides a continuous 360º capsular contact. With the […]

SENSAR® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL

Reliable, High-Quality Monofocal Vision Designed to reduce chromatic aberration and produce long-term performance, the SENSAR® IOL can help you give your patients the reliable, quality vision associated with our monofocal IOLs. 

TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL

Proven, Everyday Excellence The TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL is engineered for a higher standard of optical excellence, so you can leave each patient with the sharp, high-quality vision they deserve. High Quality Design The TECNIS® Monofocal 1-Piece IOL offers the high-quality lens design, materials and optics that can be expected from Johnson & Johnson Vision intraocular lenses. Hydrophobic material is […]

TECNIS® Monofocal Toric IOL

Excellent Outcomes for Patients with Astigmatism Empower your patients’ vision with proven optical quality. The TECNIS® Monofocal Toric IOL delivers the sharpest vision, best low-light performance and long-term sustainability for patients with astigmatism. Optimize your outcomes with the TECNIS® Toric Calculator.


TECNIS Eyhance IOL is the latest innovation in the industry-leading TECNIS® Family of Intraocular Lenses First lens in the monofocal IOL category  to deliver improved intermediate vision and 20/20* distance vision TECNIS Eyhance IOL offers the same well-established low incidence of halo, glare, or starburst as TECNIS® 1-piece IOLs


Seamless Brilliance The TECNIS Symfony® IOL mitigates the effects of presbyopia so you can empower your patients to see clearly across the full range of vision.​ Deliver the visual quality that allows your patients with and without astigmatism to see clearly in any lighting condition. High-quality distance vision in the presence of astigmatism Pupil-independent performance enables optimal […]

CATALYS® Precision Laser System

Clinical Leadership Meets Practice Growth The CATALYS® Precision Laser System is specifically engineered to meet your current challenges while priming your practice for the future of cataract surgery. By delivering a purpose-driven combination of outstanding clinical outcomes, immediate practice integration and a premium patient experience, it empowers you to seamlessly elevate your practice today — and seize […]

WHITESTAR SIGNATURE® PRO Phacoemulsification System

  Empower Every Move Purposefully engineered to empower your technique, the WHITESTAR SIGNATURE® PRO Phacoemulsification System delivers the clinical flexibility and high-quality performance you need to empower your expertise with each case. With exceptional versatility to complement the way you work, the WHITESTAR SIGNATURE® PRO System gives you the confidence and control to free your focus for what matters in each […]