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Z 366 K

These universal table top centrifuges Z 366 and Z 366 K putting new scales regarding the versatility, running features, easy handling and design. Both, the tube capacity of 40 x 15 ml conical tubes and centrifugal forces up to 24325 xg, making these table top centrifuge Z 366 K into a universal high-powered centrifuge. max.

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Z 326 K

Both the table top centrifuge Z 326 and the refrigerated table top centrifuge Z 326 K offer a wide assortment of rotor options, making them ideal for a wide variety of research applications rotor exchange between swing out, micro, or high volume angled rotors is very simple and can take place in a matter of

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Oil-Test Centrifuge „OLEUM“

The Oil-Test Centrifuge „OLEUM“ from HERMLE has a four place swing out rotor which accomodates cushions for oil test tubes according to ASTM: Conical or Pearshaped form! This purpose made unit has a normal air cooling without a heating or refrigeration system. Simple one-handed operation Easy to program with gloves on Splash-proof foil keyboard Permanent

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Z 216 MK

The Z 216 M and Z 216 MK are setting new standards in this centrifuge class. Capable of centrifuging up to 44 x 1,5 / 2,0 ml at each run. Due to their compact design and quiet running they are fitting perfectly in their working area. The powerful refrigeration system of Z 216 MK keeps

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Z 207 M

The Microlitre Centrifuge, Z 207 M was designed specifically for small, compact spaces, suitable in any laboratory setting. The rapid acceleration allows short running time, with a max. speed of 13,500 rpm. Even with the high speed, this centrifuge is pleasantly quite. With this centrifuge, there is the option for a 24 x place mircolitre

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